Are Content Writing Services and Graphic Content Helping Stop Smoking?

The work of content writing services and content marketing practices in general is often used for charitable purposes to educate readers.  In the UK and in many other places around the world, smoking has been targeted by governments with very graphic content designed to put smokers off purchasing the product.

‘Smoking Kills’

It was thought initially that this very blunt message being placed on the front of cigarette packets would be enough to deter would-be smokers.  Cars also kill however, as do many food products in large quantities.  Rational smokers will know that their life expectancy plummets when they smoke, but it also could be cut dramatically short by getting behind the wheel of a car.


As many found it easy to look past the simple message, governments gave smokers something which is much harder to ignore, an image.  These can be of rotting teeth, smoke destroyed lungs, the brain the eyes or any other part of the body which is susceptible to the dangers of smoking.


While the pictures have worked to some extent, they have perhaps not been the roaring success you might expect as a non smoker looking at the pictures for the first time.  They are helping discourage non smokers from picking up the habit though.  Unfortunately for many of the UK’s youngsters who call themselves smokers, they have not been deterred.  Surveys carried out before the introduction of the images in 2008 and surveys carried out afterwards had a near identical percentage of child smokers (from 13% to 14%) saying that the images had any effect on them.

Non smokers however were more likely to be put off, which probably highlights the strength of the addiction, rather than the effectiveness of the content.  Perhaps other than just second hand smoke, non smokers will now have a more visual reason to be uncomfortable in the presence of a smoker if they leave their gruesome packaging on display when lighting up.

Smokers are clearly quite aware of most of the information produced by content writing services on the topic of health, but mostly wish to ignore the warnings.


Smoking is a costly habit, especially in the UK.  Cigarettes are heavily taxed to encourage smokers to cut down, and this certainly has an effect on sales.  Research in the US has also indicated that smoking actually harms the earning potential of smokers.

This is at odds with commonly assumed beliefs that smoking provides an advantage in the workplace.  Smoking can be a good bonding activity.  Often if business is discussed in the smoking area, then non smokers can be the ones to miss out on opportunities to bond with bosses or suggest ideas.

Furthermore smokers are excused for breaks to cater to their addiction.  In many workplaces, this will be extremely unfair on the non smokers who have no such addictions to take breaks for.  Other bosses may see this as a reason not to employ someone though, as the frequent breaks will interrupt their productivity.

Content writing services have a part to play in ensuring that smokers know all the harmful effects of the activity.  102,000 people still die in the UK each year as a result of smoking related diseases, however it looks like the number of smokers could dip below 20% for the first time in a century.  Hopefully content writing services can help push this figure down even further.

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