Apple Unveils Two New iPhones as Content Writing Services go into Overdrive

The iPhone has had a significant effect on the content writing services industry as it has revolutionised the way we view content.  The original iPhone changed the industry when it arrived in the UK, and while it may not have been the first touch screen device or Smartphone, it certainly made the technology popular.  Whether or not you use Apple’s technology, it has definitely had an influence on the phone you may be reading this from today.

Two Product Lines

Apple have for the first time unveiled two phones at once, a departure from their previous strategy of only unveiling a premium handset.  This time, the anticipated 5S is joined by a slightly cheaper 5C.  It was expected the price point of the 5C would be significantly lower, due to being made of cheaper materials like plastic rather than the usual aluminium.  The price is less than £100 cheaper than the ‘premium’ version, expected to be £469 for a SIM free device in the UK.

Does the C stand for Content Writing Services?

Unlikely, but Apple has not revealed what the C stands for, so people continue to speculate.  This may be dangerous for Apple, as the obvious word to associate with the phone beginning with C is cheap.  While Apple do want to offer a cheaper alternative and make sure users understand that, they know that iPhone users will not want to be seen to have bought the cheap version.

Owning an iPhone is all about image.  Users buy premium in the belief that they have the best phone available.  The 5C is an obvious attempt to compete with Samsung’s increasingly popular and diverse product line.  It also targets users in China who cannot afford a premium priced iPhone.  Perhaps the C therefore stands for China.  Other suggestions have included charitable – which after the £469 price point was announced, can now be dismissed, and also Colour – as this iPhone comes in a variety of colours unlike previous versions which have only been in black and white.


Perhaps the variety of colours is a response to the increasing number iPhone cases that adorn the world’s iPhones.  Having all bought the exact same model of phone which is famous for its lack of customisable options, Apple fans have loved to differentiate their devices with colourful cases which offer a minimal amount of protection for their devices.  After all, if you go out to dinner in a group and each person puts their phone on the table, it gets confusing which phone belongs to whom.

Sensing this need for differentiation, Apple have given the 5C more colours than ever before.  For those concerned with the cheaper materials than the premium aluminium, will anybody notice after you have put your case on the 5C?

Difference between iPhone 5 and 5C

Upon the release of the 5C the iPhone 5 will be discontinued.  The iPhone 5C does not offer big enough changes to convince anybody to swap their iPhone 5 for a 5C.  However the iPhone 5 is still currently retailing for £500, so the £469 price point for the plastic cased 5C does represent a price drop.  Other than that, the 5C does of course come with upgraded iOS 7 software and a bigger battery.


iOS7 certainly looks like a dramatic update from iOS 6 in a design sense.  Apple have went for a ‘flatter’ looking design than previous iOS editions which somehow looks more modern than before, despite looking less 3D.  It looks good, but in terms of function, on first impression it seems to be small improvements that bring it into line with competing devices, rather than anything radically different.  Time will tell and there maybe some hidden gems in the system that make it worth the upgrade.

iPhone users should not view the new system as a reason to upgrade their device.  All iPhones from iPhone 4 and above have the ability to upgrade to iOS7 for free, and the new operating system will also be available on newer iPad’s and iPod touches.

iPhone 5S

So what are the reasons to upgrade to iPhones premium handset?  With the 5C Apple is looking to take shares of markets where iPhone sales have traditionally not been so strong.  Content writing services will do Apple’s marketing for them in Western counrties by debating the new product, but Apple have their eye on other territories with the 5C.  For places like the UK where the average consumer normally has higher disposable income than many parts of Asia, the intention is to sway the consumer to upgrade from their iPhone 5 or 4S to the new iPhone 5S.


Apple believes that the iPhone 5S is the best camera phone on the UK market.  Content writing services will undoubtedly create hundreds of articles debating this point.   While the iPhone’s 8MP camera on the headline statistic of mega pixels does not compare favorably with the Samsung Galaxy S4 which packs 13MP into each shot, it does have a variety of other features that make it difficult to distinguish which is better without an extensive comparison test.

The most innovative feature is a dual flash, which will help improve photographs in low lighting as well as in a variety of other lighting conditions where the two flashes can help negate the effects of odd lighting.  The camera’s sensor has also been improved, and instead of aiming for more pixels, the iPhone 5S will instead capture bigger pixels, which apparently is key to picture quality.  The camera also now takes photos in burst mode, and will select the best of the pictures, much like the Samsung Galaxy S4 does.

Camera Competitors

It is difficult to claim the iPhone 5S is the best camera on the market.  After all, Apple execs have had sly digs at competitors for having ‘too many’ features when marketing the Apple camera as easy to use.  And while the number of megapixels a camera has can be misleading, there is no doubting that Nokia’s 41 mega pixel Lumia 1020 does take industry leading photos.  The Sony Xperia Z1 takes 20MP photos underwater – the only Smartphone that does so.  It also comes with lens accessories for zoom and wide angle, as does the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom LTE which has the zoom lens on the back of the phone.

As you can see, the debate on which is the best Smartphone camera is a debate that could go on for hours between experts and all could arrive at a different conclusion.  Expect to see content writing services debate endlessly about this feature, as well as many other crucial features which add up to which is the best Smartphone in general.


It is perhaps unfortunate timing for this new feature as UK citizens fret over just how much date the NSA (National Security Agency) in America has on them, which has been covered extensively by content writing services in recent weeks. It is the most striking new feature of the iPhone 5S as the traditional home button has been replaced by a touch button which has the ability to scan your finger prints.  While the reaction in regards to Apple having access to their fingerprints is somewhat hysterical as the US government having access to your fingerprints only becomes problematic if you plan on robbing a bank or murdering someone, the function could prove useful in terms of security.

A pass code or a pattern unlock seen on Android devices take up valuable seconds when you want quick access to your phone.  Android phones can be woken up by face unlock (using the phones camera to identify the users face) or by voice, however these can easily be tricked.  Fingerprints are much more unique than facial recognition technology which can be hoodwinked by a photo of the user, however if my mobile was to contain highly sensitive data I was desperate to protect, I would prefer someone printing an image of my face as opposed to hacking off my thumb.


The iPhone 5S is the first 64 bit Smartphone.  It is said to possibly be as much as twice as powerful as its predecessor, although Apple normally say things like this.  Actually seeing a demonstration of the power of the phone can be difficult, although knowing the device has the power to handle anything you throw at it is reassuring.

If you are constantly flipping between multiple pieces of content at once in your curation role in content writing services, this may be for you.  If however your current device doesn’t struggle with any of your tasks, which normally amount to just one UK news app, then this extra performance may be a little lost on you.  However with all the additional features of the new camera (taking 8 photos at once to take the best from the selection), it may actually have a real use for the extra processing power.

Love it or Hate it

Apple may have changed strategy a little, but nothing has really changed.  If you love Apple products, you will love this.  If you are not a fan of the iPhone, but instead prefer Android, Windows or Blackberry, there is nothing to see here that will change your mind.  There is still no access to the battery, no expandable memory and no real change in price positioning or customisation features.

There has never been a better time to choose a premium Smartphone due to a plethora of incredibly strong alternatives to the iPhone.  The Samsung Galaxy S4 is considered by most to be the best phone on the market, but a string of other Android devices such as the Sony Xperia Z1, the HTC One or the Oppo Find 5 provide debatably better alternatives.  Then there are the latest phones from Blackberry and Nokia using the Windows Phone operating system which mean that for many, the iPhone 5 could conceivably not be considered among the top 5 phones on the market.

This makes this release an incredibly important one to Apple.  The phone will doubtless be a hit, but will it reach the heights it used to?

If you are a fan, the only questions are: which was your last iPhone model, and do the new features do enough to convince you to upgrade from that?  Do you have £469 or £549 lying spare in your UK bank account?  And have content writing services produced enough enthusiastic material for you to be convinced?