Selection of Keywords

Another critical part of the SEO process is choosing the keywords that will be incorporated in articles.  Somewhat obviously, these need to be the keywords that the websites target audience will search for when hoping to find the content that is offered by the website.

Rather than randomly guessing which keywords will be used by the market in order to lead them to the website, Google offers the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, which is designed to help those wishing to invest in Pay Per Click advertising the opportunity to pick the best possible keywords for their paid adverts, however it is very representative of organic searches too.

The Adwords Keyword tool will allow you to find out a variety of information about your chosen keyword; its value per click, other websites that have pay per click ads under these keywords and the amount that they are searched.

Another important issue with keywords is relevance.  While you may be sure that the keywords selected are relevant to your site, you have to be sure that the user also believes the keywords are relevant to the site.  If they locate your site on Google due to the high organic ranking that took the website to the front page, but the two lines of description about the site appear irrelevant to the keywords searched, the user will continue scrolling down to find a better answer to their query from a different website, or search again with different keywords.  This would again render the SEO process redundant if the description fails to match the keywords.

The Writing Skill

SEO writing is not a skill that every person has.  Even if you do have good grammar and punctuation skills, you may well find that your ability to produce content that is interesting and engaging falls way short of an SEO professional.  Furthermore, content writing services firms train their staff to produce content that is not only of a high standard, but is also produced quickly and in high volume.  Even a skilled professional in another discipline, but lacking experience in writing may struggle to produce the amount of content in a week that a skilled content writer can produce in a day.

Hiring professional article writing teams to produce your content will also give a good amount of variety to the content produced.  It is difficult for one person, even if they are an expert in a given subject, to write various articles over and over on the same subject.  Divide the articles among a team, and suddenly it is not so difficult to produce a large variety of unique articles from various different perspectives.

Different Medium, Different Reader

It’s also important to consider that not only is the content different on a website to a magazine or book, the reader also treats the medium differently.

In a book, a reader will endeavour to read every single word printed on a page.  With a magazine, readers are much more likely to miss out information they are not interested in.  With a website, the proportion of skipped out information is even higher.  Website readers have been found to normally leave a website within 10-20 seconds of beginning to read it.  This means that content has to grab their attention and keep them engaged for more than 10 seconds or they will quickly move on.

Grap Attention

Classic texts like ‘The Great Gatsby’ for example, which feature descriptive openings that take a long time to make it to the main action of the story, would find it difficult to engage a reader if it was published for the first time ever on a web page.

Content writers need to be skilled at getting to the point quickly and making text easy to read.  In terms of style it needs to look more like The Sun newspaper, but in terms of content it is better to be like The Guardian.

The reason for this is the short punchy style often used by UK tabloid newspapers is due to the way a website reader consumes online content, skim reading through the page.  Often people are looking at a website for one thing in a body of text, and the use of sub headings, bullet points and short paragraphs are all important in helping them find this information as quickly as possible before losing interest and moving on to another website.

International Outlook

Content Writing Services also provide writers with different skills sets.  Many content writers will be trained in the art of writing for an international audience.  While English is the most common language throughout the world, it is not the most common first language.  It is not even the second most popular first language (it is surpassed by Mandarin and Spanish).  However English has great international value, and as a result the inhabitants of countries all over the world speak it.

This does not mean that they speak it as well as a native.  Appreciating elements of the English language that worldwide users may not understand is important when producing content for a website that caters to a worldwide audience.  This is not simply a case of dumbing down the language but understanding tripping points.  One example is to avoid the use of two many small words in conjunction with one another.  Another would be to avoid words like ‘conjunction’ and simply say that writers ‘should not use too many small words together in one sentence.’

There are also many subtle differences between UK English and American English that should be appreciated when writing content for a specific audience.  Many UK readers may resent British content having an American ‘twang’ to it and these subtle differences really can make the difference between an egaged reader and one that closes the browser window after ten seconds reading the content.


Content writing services provide a valuable service to any company that wants to develop their online presence.  SEO is not a simple practice of writing as much as possible and linking it to a website, there is far more skill in it than that.  Website owners may be able to produce some effective content of their own, but at large cost of their own time.  When specialist content writing services are available with teams skilled in article writing, it seems obvious that this is the best solution to improving the online visibility of your website.

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