Social Media

Social Media

Social media is an excellent method to build and maintain strong relationships with customers.  We utilise Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube for every client, and many others depending on the business.

While Facebook and Twitter have high adoption rates around the world, and are good for businesses of all purposes, other social media accounts have more specialised purposed.  For instance, if your company produces products that will gain users attention with pictures, it is advisable to set up a Pinterest or Instagram account.

Social media allows you to get personal with your customers.  Have you ever noticed how a fan page on Facebook appears in much the same way as a friend does?  The instantaneous nature of social media allows you to have instant communication with your followers, whether you want to answer their queries, help with their problems or promote your newest products.

Virtual Global can help you build and maintain that strong social relationship, either by taking over your social media operations or training you and your staff to do it in house.  Either way, the result will be a low cost and extremely effective method of communicating directly with your target market.

How we will help you


After careful analysis of your business, we will devise a strategy for your own employees to implement.  Of course we will give them full instruction on how to carry out the strategy.  A greater range of contributors to your social media objective can be helpful, and it is important to have everyone in your company working towards the same goal.


It’s not quite as simple as merely going through the creation process on Facebook.  We’ll set you up with profiles across multiple social networks that are consistent with your branding strategy.

Social Media Management

We’ll create content for you to share, help you network with the correct people and market your profile in the correct areas to attract attention.

Please contact our team to discuss your needs on 0131 510 8765 or via our Contact Us page.

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