Search Engine Optimisations

Search Engine Optimisations

There are two methods to having your website appear on a prominent page of Google Search.

One is to oblige Google for their service and pay for Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising. This is a high cost, short term strategy.  And it works.  But longer term, SEO is a more organic and cheaper to maintain method for attracting new customers to your site.

SEO is the long term solution to an effective search strategy, and should be the cornerstone of all your internet marketing activities.

More people access websites through search engines than any other method.  Ranking highly on them should be a priority for any business.

We don’t promise that we will have you in first place in every possible search query on the internet.  For instance if your business is a book shop, we can’t promise to help you outrank Amazon.  However we will get you as far up the search rankings as possible, and certainly on the front page for many well researched search terms.


There are many SEO firms who in the past have been known to use sneaky practices to help their clients ascend the search ranking ladder.  We know what these are, and unfortunately for these companies, Google does too.  Sites that use bad practice SEO techniques will find that all the hard work they did (whilst cutting a few corners) will be for nothing as websites in false positions slide back down to the backwaters of Google’s search results.

We only use ‘white hat’ SEO practices, meaning any search rankings you gain will never be cancelled out by a furious Google executive or a change in a search algorithm.

How We Will Help You


This can be a tricky part of optimising your website for a search engine.  It may seem obvious what people would search for to find your website, but that may not be the reality.  It's also almost impossible to guess the myriad of variations of search terms that other people will use to find your products or services.

We will also assess keyword popularity along with the strength of the competition for those keywords. It is often more prudent to target keywords that people are searching for, but your competitors aren't optimising their sites for. These are keywords that are quicker to rank for in search engines and will therefore bring in quick business.

Onsite optimisation

Your website will need to be optimised to perform well in search results.  From including keywords to ensuring that users actually remain on the site once they are directed there. When visitors arrive at your site and spend time on there it not only means you have something of value and more time to interact with your visitor, but has a positive effect on your search ranking. This and many other contributing factors like the speed your page takes to load all add a little to the optimisation of your site.

Link Building Services

One of the essential elements of your websites search ranking is the links made to it on other sites.  Google believes websites are more important if they have more people linking to them, especially if they come from what Google judges to be ‘authority’ websites. We will make sure you get these links.

Please contact our team to discuss your needs on 0131 510 8765 or via our Contact Us page.

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