Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Pay per click (PPC) is a great way to promote offers, test a market or search term.  PPC involves buying adverts on a search engine which you pay for every time that someone clicks through to your website on the advert.  PPC will have you on the front page of a search engine immediately for a predetermined amount of time.

While SEO tends to produce better long term results than PPC, that doesn’t mean that PPC should not be a key part of your internet marketing strategy.  PPC campaigns often don’t provide the expected investment on return, however this is due to poor strategy and execution of inexperienced individuals rather than a reflexion of the service that PPC provides.  Done well, PPC can provide you an excellent boost to your online marketing efforts.

Virtual Global have years of experience of implementing PPC campaigns, so we know what works and what doesn’t.  We create PPC adverts with targeted markets; whether that’s global, national or local is dependent on your business.  Again, dependent on your business we determine the ideal time frames, search terms and budgets to ensure that you get the maximum from your campaign.

How we will help you

Campaign Review

First, we will begin with a review of your current campaigns to identify what may have gone wrong in the past and how to improve on this.

Start up Package

If you don’t have any previous PPC campaigns we can create you one from scratch after a thorough analysis of your business.

Campaign Management

Once a campaign is set up, that is not the end of the process.  We can monitor your campaign, adapting and optimizing for changing trends to make sure that you achieve your target ROI.

Please contact our team to discuss your needs on 0131 510 8765 or via our Contact Us page.

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