Jump Start Your Online Marketing

So, what we are proposing is the following-

Most businesses can be adequately captured by evaluating just three metrics: awareness, sales and advocacy (customer referral).

Jump Start You Online Marketing

Jump Start You Online Marketing

If you want fast traffic to your website, more quality leads for less money and a growing targeted audience all talking about you, your products and your services, then the jump start your online marketing campaign is for you.


  • We can deliver fast traffic to your website via Adwords in Google and advertising on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn
  • We can start delivering traffic to your website within a few days and grow it as you start to see those visits turn into leads and business
  • We know how we can get lower cost per click rates for you and yet appear higher in the listings
  • We will constantly analyse your results to find ways to get you more value for your money

We are incentivised to work in your best interests as we offer this service on a commission basis. The more you spend with a platform like Google because you are converting their click throughs into business, the more we get paid.

Your success is our success


Content is key to online success. Marcus Tober of SearchMetrics announced their 2014 SEO ranking factors and states that content is “no longer an addition to, but is the main focus of, SEO .”

And, social media is the 2nd most important factor to SEO!

Content moves you up search engines

The 2014 Rank Correlation Analysis and SEO Ranking Factors

The 2014 Rank Correlation Analysis and SEO Ranking Factors

Plus, well written content has on average a very high 10% conversion rate (1 in 10 visitors who land on that page convert to a lead).

It creates conversations, shares, likes and grows audiences on social media.

Blogs give websites 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links

And, 80% of business decision makers prefer to make purchase decisions after reading articles rather than an advertisement.

  • We have award winning writers on our team who have written for the biggest brands
  • We can deliver copy that sells and increases the number of visitors to your site that convert into leads
  • You will get a dedicated account manager who will manage your project briefs
  • We find you the best writers who suit your tone and voice
  • Before we begin, we provide you with samples based on your topic of choice to choose the authors style you like best
  • We make sure your work is delivered on time and to your satisfaction.

So you have the traffic coming to your website, the high converting content converting visitors into leads and clients, now you need the visitors coming back for more and telling all their friends and family. After all, 92% of consumers say they trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising.

Social Media

I’d just like to share something that makes my jaw drop every time I read it.

It took the radio 35 years just to reach an audience of 35 Million listeners.
TV took 20 years.
The internet 5 years.
The iPod 3 years
and Facebook JUST 9 months!

In only six years...

Facebook went from 12 million to 1 billion accounts
Twitter from 1 thousand to 500 million accounts
Linkedin went from 8 million to 200 million accounts
Google+ reached 400 million in less than 2 years

Although the G+ days may be numbered.

Even if you aren’t on social media, your audience is and so are your competitors. As a minimum you should at least be listening to what people may be saying about you on social media. It might be good. It could be bad.

You might think that Twitter doesn’t deliver results, but we get leads every few days via Twitter and in the guide you will see more examples and proof of how companies are raking in leads and business using just social media.

These were the most recent conversations, to within a day,  on Twitter that were developed into leads.



Initial contact via public Twitter stream


Initial contact via public Twitter stream

A quick conversation on Twitter


Providing email contact via Twitter Direct Message

Providing email contact via Twitter Direct Message

And here is another Twitter Direct Message.

Twitter leads to our inbox

Twitter leads to our inbox

Our Jump Start package doesn’t aim to run your social media for you, but instead give your social media a bit of a boost. We create a social media plan for you, define your target audience and then start to grow that audience for you by giving them content they like. The aim is to spark conversations, grow your audience and keep them thinking and talking about you to their audience too.

On top of our work, you will be able to send your own messages and respond to and interact with your audience from the central platform that we use to make your feeds that little bit more personal.


You will have access to monitor everything we do on your social channels, plus you will get reports on your Adword activity and regular reports showing the increase of pages.

Dedicated Account Manager

One of our team will work with you throughout your projects and answer your questions whenever you have any. Our guarantee is to work until you are satisfied.


If you don’t have analytics or track and measure your digital marketing, we can help. We wouldn’t want to work for a company who didn’t want to track their success as we want to prove to you we are worth our weight in gold. With some simple analytics you can measure the success of your digital marketing and then together we can work on improving each step, maximizing ROI.

Value for money

We built our business on the Pure Gym business model. We keep our overheads low so we can offer more for less.

Our entry level Jump Start Your Online Marketing Campaign starts at just £245 per month, but please contact us for an offer that suits your requirements.