Internet Marketing Services

Internet Marketing Services

Attention all SMEs

Don’t Let Your Dislike of Internet Marketing and Websites Stop You Making Money Online!

For as little as the price of a cup of coffee per day! we can help...

Are you a Fed Up with trying to keep up to speed with internet marketing and making money with your business online?

You’re not alone! Many owners and managers of successful businesses face these kinds of challenges every day...updating the wesbite to be mobile responsive...reading up on the latest Google SEO algorithms...interacting with your followers on social media...researching new ideas for content...writing more content...compiling traffic conversion reports...writing new email campaigns...striving trying to reach targets...reporting to the boss... and on... and on...

And that's only the internet marketing and website side of the business. You still have to prepare that report, think about what to get the kids for tea tonight, plan for that event next week, and the list goes on.

But while this problem may be common, failure to resolve it can lead to much BIGGER problems for your business down the road, like:

  • Your competitors start to take over YOUR online market share
  • Clients are complaining about you online, but you simply aren't aware
  • You're losing sales because prospects can't find you when they search online
    (£122Billion is lost in sales every year in the UK according to research by Pitney Bowes)
  • More important work is not getting the attention it needs like strategy planning, reports, your accounts, working on your business

Fortunately, there's a very simple, affordable and effective way to fix this issue quickly

Wouldn't it be nice to finally have that weight lifted off your shoulders?

How would your life be different if you could find some experienced, reliable, inexpensive extra help to do all those annoying, little niggle-some jobs and allow you to get on with the work that really deserves your focus, like....

Here's how we can help-

  • write content
  • update the website
  • optimise the pages
  • do keyword research
  • set up an email campaign
  • research the best content marketing platforms
  • create videos with your content
  • transcribe your audios and videos into content
  • find the top 5 recommended printing companies
  • conduct case studies for you
  • manage your social media
  • follow back followers for you
  • run Facebook marketing campaigns
  • find you the best copywriters
  • run a Google Adwords campaign
  • monitor your keyword positioning
  • run backlink campaigns
  • design graphics when you require
  • design presentation
  • help with data input
  • create optin forms
  • plan and create autoresponders
  • ghost write ebooks
  • write research reports
  • conduct online surveys
  • design your new website
  • And many other services...


Online Web Marketing Services

We’ve been helping business people like you save time and money by building affordable websites and providing low cost internet marketing and office support services for over 10 years.

Our job is to:

1) help you become successful online


2) eliminate all those labour intensive jobs that GET IN YOUR WAY ...

... And we can help YOU, too!

Together, we provide internet marketing services to for small businesses to help with their website design, social media, content writing, email marketing, transcripion and other tasks.

Here’s How We Can Help You With YOUR Business...

Of course, we are website design and developement experts. That goes without saying. But, we offer a number of services designed for busy marketing managers and SMEs like you who want to simply be able to hand the burdens of internet marketing over to people who enjoy learning and keeping up to date with that type of thing.

Want to some good reasons to choose us?

    1. Experienced & credible – Were a 100% UK owned Edinburgh website design company.
    2. Remarkable Custom Design – With tailored designs and unlimited revisions you’re guaranteed to have a unique website you love.
    3. Edit Your Website 24/7 - All our websites allow you to update your content from any device. Take control of your website.
    4. Unlimited Lifetime Support – Have a positive web design experience. Our clients rely on us for ongoing professional support and online marketing advice.
    5. Impressive Reputation – The outstanding service we provide our clients is reflected in the steady stream of referrals we receive from happy clients.
    6. Awesome & Affordable – We specialise in keeping within your budget while providing outstanding websites and logo design.

You can also pass over to us those boring, repetitive daily tasks that you just hate to do so much. Just pass them all over and you will get your very own project manager to deal with them. They will then regularly report to you on the major KPIs of your online business, like:

  • The position of your keywords in the search engines
  • How many new visits you've received to your sites this week
  • A daily update of all your social shares, likes and retweets
  • Form to lead conversion rate statistics
  • How many leads are turning to sales

Whatver KPIs and metrics you desire delivered to your inbox or your mobile telephone, however you like.

Behind your project manager is a team you can trust and rely on to do the job properly.

Give yourself some breathing space by letting us take the workload off of you.

Imagine all the extra work you could get done without ALL those little tasks that constantly niggle at you. The ones you know you should do. Those jobs that if your boss or business coach were to ask about you would be ashamed to admit they weren't being done. Those ones.

We can report to you on a monthly, weekly or daily basis

Whatever suits you and depending on the project we can report to you as frequently as you need - it's your choice

You need to focus on work that is important and due your full attention.

Keep in touch with your cleints, win more business, have time to work on your ACCOUNTS. More time to spend on the golf course, or with your family. Some help to reach next months target. A pair of extra hands.

Don't go to all the stress and trouble of hiring someone in-house

You don’t need to employ someone to do it. Think of all the headache and heartache - PAYE - Maternity Pay - Sick pay - Management Costs - HR - Training - Shall I go on?

The following costs are estimated on the very low side and anyone with real skills, experience and qualifications would charge this just for working part time work hours.


Salary, including bonuses £25,500.00
Employer’s NI contribution £3,232.00
Holiday / Sick leave £2,403.00
Desk / Office overheads £1,550.00
Recruitment, training redundancy £550.00

Results You Can Count On!

We'll  roll up our sleeves and get to work for you, freeing up your time, and allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business... like making more money!

And many of my services can be customized to fit your individual business needs, as well as your budget.

When you hire us, you’re not only getting an experienced and certified experts who can help you face the grey nightmare that can be managing your online marketing...

You’re also getting a focused and dedicated professionals who will treat your business as if it was their own, and work to produce the best results for you possible.

Want Proof? Here’s What Past Clients Are Saying...

Here are a few success stories:


Virtual Global provided the content for our new website. We were delighted with the consultation, service and the final result. They provided us with the structure and advised us on the importance of using call to actions,testimonials and focusing on the needs of our site visitors through our website content. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services if you have any content related requirements.

Douglas Pilkington – Capital Cartridges

Virtual Global has provided our Project with a valuable service that has freed up our resources so that we can concentrate on what we do best. Many hours of work, some complex, was undertaken and delivered on time to our satisfaction. We would recommend them.

Will Self – The Forestry Commission

James and his team really turned my business around for me. With a very low budget he was able to get me business via Facebook and simple internet marketing. They even put a website up for me for free until I could afford a professionally designed version.

Jamie Scott – Vitamin J Fitness

Thanks so much for everything you did for me. The content was excellent and made a great difference to the interaction we get online now via our website and social media. They also helped us get our site so it was converting leads to business. I would recommend them to anyone.

Ahsan Mustafa - Solicitor

If you need website designed and copy written for your business and need someone to keep both you and the copywriter on schedule then I would highly recommend them. They have produced high quality work for me and I will continue to use them in the future.

Ewan Menzies – Castle Strategy

They provided us with articles for our website. The quality was excellent, price was very good and they were all delivered in a timely fashion with excellent service. Happy to recommend them.

Roger Green – Operation Cost Cut/Best 4 Tyres

More Affordable Than You Might Think!

You might think that getting this much personal help and attention for your business would be an expensive proposition, but more importantly it's nothing compared to the cost of ignoring internet marketing altogether and losing online business to your competitors.

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Don’t Let Your Business Suffer Any Longer

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