Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Possibly one of the less exciting internet marketing channels since it has been around since the dawn of the internet, but that doesn’t make it any less important!  While attracting new customers is the main aim of social media and SEO strategies, Email marketing is important to ensure that your existing customers continue to make purchases.

It has endured because it is so useful. It also works. The DMA show that for every £1 spent there is an ROI of £38.

We specialise in targeting customers more effectively with emails to offer them products and opportunities they will actually be interested in.  We can help you encourage them to buy from you again and again.

Our vast experience with internet marketing has helped us to learn how to determine the best subject headings, layouts, designs and timing in order for your target audience to not only open your emails, but be enticed by what they find as well.

Our email management service runs on a 90 day plan, with flexible options for your company’s goals.  Our 90 day email plan will set out the details for each and every promotional email that you wish to send.

How we will help you

Email Campaign Management

Not only will we help you devise your strategy, we shall also take care of the email design, writing and also the sending process with an evaluation of the results at the end of the campaign.

Finding the right software to send your campaign is crucial to email marketing success. With good software you can deliver to the right people at the right time, plus receive detailed reports on click through rates, open rates and other metrics that allow you to tailor and tweak your campaigns on the fly.

Email Design Service

We will design each email for you to make it eye catching and appealing to your users.  The designs will also be extremely accessible, as we ensure they are compatible with all the common web and email platforms.

Please contact our team to discuss your needs on 0131 510 8765 or via our Contact Us page.

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