Donkey social media

Donkey social media

Of course we provide the traditional social media management services, but we have also created this unique Donkey Social Media service for SMEs who want to interact with their clients personally, but don't have the time to do all the "Donkey" work, which to be honest is 80% of social media marketing.

We do the donkey work with your preferred social media channels like Twitter and LinkedIn. You can then concentrate on the important work.

We can-

  • Grow your audience
  • Entertain your audience
  • Increase audience interaction

Donkey Social Media Marketing

We begin by creating a weekly social media connection plan. Depending on the package you subscribe to we can work with you on this and adapt it to fit around other campaigns you might be running.

Once you are happy with our interpretation of your weekly social media calendar, we pre schedule and fill your week with the agreed messages. You can check them and edit them at all times and even set it so it is only you that is allowed to send a message, but we create them for you.

They might include the following-

post business news related tweet

recruitment advert (sales position advert)

business quote

Engage with your social media audience

A lot of social media is connecting with other like-minded people. It's also useful value added service that keeps you in the minds of your audience, potential prospects, leads and anyone else you believe would want to hear from you on a regular basis.

Gain over 1,000 Twitter followers per month

We can connect with people for you 365 days of the year, give or take a couple. With a 30% exchange rate you can set us to connect with 500 people per day who fit the criteria you are interested in and within just one month you should have over 3,000 new followers just on Twitter.

PLUS, we can use the above Twitter campaign will automatically and naturally build your other social media channels. We do this by sending messages to people who follow you asking them to connect on LinkedIn or Facebook, for instance. We find there is an easy 10% uptake here without even having to do much work.

LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube

It's important to manage all channels, but LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube are normally the most important and we can manage these for you too. In fact, we can get you to the top positions in LinkedIn relatively easy using LinkedIn SEO practices.

Why are they important? Here's a few statistics if you haven't seen them already-

In only six years…

  • Facebook went from 12 million to 1 billion accounts

  • Twitter from 1 thousand to 500 million accounts

  • Linkedin went from 8 million to 200 million accounts

  • WordPress went from 600 thousand to 60 million

  • Google+ reached 400 million in less than 2 years

People are now spending more time watching videos on YouTube and Facebook than they watch TV. They are addicted to Facebook. The first thing they do when they wake up is look at their smart phones. Their purchasing decisions are predominantly influenced by whay their peers say on social media sites. The list of reasons go on and on. The question is, are you part of the social media revolution?

Contact us today and find out what we can do for you and your business.

 Tailored social media plan  Tailored social media plan
Dedicated account manager
300 connections per day 500 connections per day
2-3 tweets per day 3-4 tweets per day
2-3 Facebook posts per week 3-4 Facebook posts per week
1-2 LinkedIn updates per week 2-3 LinkedIn updates per week
£15 per week £75 per week

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