Why use an online marketing consultancy like Virtual Global?  Perhaps you are an enthusiastic and ambitious businessman or woman ready to launch yourself into internet marketing, but don’t have the time or the staffing resources to do so.

Rather than put together your own team of expensive professionals or inexpensive, inexperienced interns, why not appoint a consultancy team with proven experience?

Our unique 5 Ways planning approach outlines the objectives we strive to meet.  This approach helps your business,

  • Increase traffic to your site with new visitors

  • Increase conversion rates when customers visit your site

  • Increase your average order value (AOV)

  • Increase the number of purchases your existing customers make annually

  • Increase your margins on purchases

These five key performance indicators will help measure the performance of our marketing strategy that we implement for you.  We will constantly monitor these performance indicators to make sure we are doing the best possible job for you.  The beauty of the indicators is that they highlight which parts of the process need to be improved upon, which is why our solutions prove so effective.

Before increasing the traffic to your site we will look to optimize your site for conversions.  Next we devise a three year top line strategy which delivers your online business targets.    The targets will not be the same for every year, or even every month as seasonal variations and other variable factors are accounted for.

We will then produce a quarterly report for the next 90 days which details the areas for improvement across all the relevant internet marketing channels.

The strategies may be complex, but the objective is simple.  Our strategy will result in an increased Return on Investment (ROI) for your business.

For proof, have a look a the experiences of one of our previous clients.  They experienced  a 91% increase in revenue thanks to our strategies.

The Benefit to You

The Experts

One of our key attributes is our aptitude for technology.  The world of search marketing is rapidly changing and we have proved ourselves to be capable of keeping up.  A strategy we used successfully a year ago may not be the best strategy to use today, and we are aware of what is needed to keep up with changing demands.

We already run three online business to business companies. What’s more is almost all of the business generated is created by free or very inexpensive online marketing campaigns that run virtually automatically or with very little management required. I believe the fact that we understand the many facets of running a business from the ground up gives us a much deeper understanding of the problems that internet marketing can present businesses and a level of empathy that only first hand experience can bring.

Long Term Partnership

We value your trust, and we look to earn it quickly, before maintaining and reaffirming it over a long period of time.  We deliver a great customer service, which has been emphasised by the words of our clients and by the growth in our business year on year through little more than referrals, and of course, internet marketing.

We believe in long term partnerships.  We will come in and work with you initially and we feel that in those couple of days you will see the benefits of working with us long term.

Your Investment

This of course depends on your requirements, but to give a ball park figure, a day's consultancy would normally cost £360. This rate can be adjusted if the contract is for a longer duration of time and if there are other incentives included in the package, such as bonuses for hitting targets or shared commissions.

Consultancy Life Cycle

In order to show you what you can expect from us over the first three months that you work with us, we have set out a consultancy life cycle which details 7 steps to progress your business.

  1. Set out your aims -  Where do you want to be at the end of each year over the course of our partnership.  Goal setting is an essential part of achievement.

  2. Analysis of your Business – We studiously analyse all of your data to gain an understanding of how you are performing currently and what needs to be done to achieve the aims set out in point 1.   This is done using our 5 Ways planning approach.

  3. How we will do it -  This step builds on what needs to be done, and determines a strategy that shows you how it will be done.  If your aim is 10,000 Twitter followers, and you need 9,000 Twitter followers to achieve that, this step identifies exactly how we will get the 9,000 followers by the target date.

  4. 90 day plan – This is the short term plan.  Our strategies will run for 90 days before steps 1-3 are reassessed in order to make sure that the next 90 days are even more productive.

  5. Implementation – Now we know exactly what we are doing, it’s time to start work!

  6. Performance Evaluation – At the end of the first 90 day plan, we evaluate what we have done and share it with you.

  7. Strategy Adjustment – After the evaluation comes the opportunity to examine what can be done to improve upon things in the performance evaluation, or if changes in the industry have opened up new opportunities, we can adjust the strategy to take advantage.

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