We will provide you with everything you need to succeed online. Attract new leads, ignite your branding, engage more customers and unlock your profit potential. A website is a valuable sales and marketing tool for any business and we are passionate about helping you get it right.

Website Design

Your website is your first impression. If you have not thought through the user experience of your site then that first impression might be a bad one. The Virtual Global philosophy is to build websites that will make a great first impression and build relationships that last.

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eCommerce (shops)

Our eCommerce website designers are passionate about the nuances of building eCommerce websites that convert browsers into buyers. We understand the importance of user experience, design and functionality.

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Content Writing

Attracting new customers to your website is no longer a simple process, and converting these visitors is more competitive than ever. With the changes in Search Engine Optimisation and Google’s algorithm, creating new, engaging content on a regular basis is fast becoming the most important factor of any marketing plan

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Pay Per Click Advertising

With Google accounting for over 90% of all search activity in Australia, having your business listed and visible is critical for success. Our PPC service run through Google Adwords is designed to get high quality traffic to your website that will influence your bottom line.

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Email Marketing

Whilst social media has had a surge in popularity over recent years, email marketing remains one of the highest ROI and most measurable tools available for small business. In fact, the industry average is £30 earned for every £1 spent.

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Analytics & Reporting

We can validate your analytics data, analyse your market, determine where your traffic is coming from, assess which campaigns are most effective and how different channels work together to deliver conversions, and optimise the journey from visitor to customer.

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Social Media

In today’s ever evolving world, where we’re more connected to our devices than ever before, it’s never been more important for businesses to devise smart marketing strategies that are able to cut through to a targeted audience. Plus, these “Social Signals” affect your position in the natural search engine results in Google.

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